Special Situations: The Perfect Miss

While some of the circumstances that befall teams in high-leverage games are truly unpredictable, others can be expected and rehearsed. Buzzer beaters, broken faces, season-ending meltdowns, meltdowns immediately followed by resurgences, and historic individual performances have all been a part of this year’s NBA Playoffs. You would be forgiven for chalking up the craziness toContinue reading “Special Situations: The Perfect Miss”

A Lesson From The Boomers

It has been about nine months since the night the Aussie Boomers made Australian basketball history. August 7th, 2021 Asking how they got to this date might help us learn from the group that pushed Australian basketball over the hump and unlocked the brightest of futures. With a bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics, theirContinue reading “A Lesson From The Boomers”

The Top 10%

Welcome to post number 100! Milestones and round numbers tend to get some love in the sporting world. I thought the 100th post would be a good opportunity to review which topics have garnered the most interest and to re-share some of the posts that seem to be most valuable for others. I am luckyContinue reading “The Top 10%”

Decision Making and Delegating

Decisions, decisions… As leaders start to oversee more people, projects, and problems, the number of decisions they are directly and indirectly responsible for increases exponentially. Delegating decisions is one way to reduce the number of actions or decisions you are directly responsible for. But the option to delegate a task or decision – or notContinue reading “Decision Making and Delegating”


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